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Q. My daughter is 2 & has a nasty cough. There are no over the counter cough meds for children under 4 - they have all been pulled off the market and my doctor recommended that we use dark honey but I am not sure where we can buy it. Please help. Thanks - Michele


Sorry to hear about your little one's cough, Michele! :/

A great option would be to purchase Honey Don't Cough online at Many independent U.S. pharmacies and health food stores carry Honey Don't Cough, but if yours doesn't carry it, tell them you'd like them to!

Hope this helps!

- Honey Don't Cough Mom, Erin

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Q. Is there a difference in taste with this and regular honey?


Great question!

The short answer - yes.

The most common type of honey is clover honey. This is primarily due to cost as the clover grows plentiful and wild and requires little work to maintain.

While it would be simple enough to say that regular old clover honey tastes "sweet", it's not really the whole story. It is an incredibly complex taste. Sweet, yes, but also floral and a bit tangy.

While buckwheat honey, produced by bees that collect their nectar and pollen from buckwheat flowers, has these same honey characteristics clover honey has - sweet, floral and bit tangy - the buckwheat nectar and pollen imparts its own flavor.

Think of the diversity of fine wines. Think of the difference between milk chocolate and dark.

One honey connoisseur described buckwheat honey as the "tall dark stranger" of honeys. "There will be many who are beguiled by its unique charms, but to others its pleasures will remain an enigma." -World of Honey

The highest quality buckwheat honey is a deep coppery, almost black color. It has an earthy tone to it - like the smell of fresh hay - and a malty, roasted, almost chocolate flavor.

While Honey Don't Cough uses buckwheat honey for its superior health benefits, the rich flavor experience is a nice, added bonus I think!"

- Honey Don't Cough Mom, Erin

Q. How do you get your kid to eat vegetables?


I might add cheese or give them dip to eat them. Sometimes I times I cut them in to fun shapes. Other times I'll cook them mixed in rice, pastas or stews, or I'll blend with other food in a blender so they can't see them.

- Honey Don't Cough Mom, Vicky


My daughter is funny because she LOVES broccoli, but can be very hesitant about some other vegetables. Her least favorites are onions, garlic, eggplant, mushrooms and tomatoes.

Eggplant and mushrooms are an absolute no-go so far. Onions and garlic I can typically sneak into her food in small amounts - so long as she doesn't see me do it. ;) Tomatoes, she has started to become more lenient about.

When dinner includes them, I remind her of the things she likes that have tomato in them - ketchup, salsa, marinara sauce... and I've recently gotten her to eat them in a sandwich, insisting that mixed with the other ingredients it was really good and - surprise! - she liked it!

When it comes to trying something new, I try to be as casual as I can be about it. I've noticed if her father or I seem nervous about asking her to try it, she gets nervous too.

Another thing I do it take a little taste in front of her and try to describe it in terms of other foods she has tried before and liked. Exp.) "Mmm... I love artichokes.. what do they taste like....? Nice and tender and just a little bit lemony, I think... Try a little. Does it taste lemony to you too?"

It's worked for us several times! She was even willing to eat tofu when I told her I thought it tasted like the white part of an egg.

- Honey Don't Cough Mom, Erin

Q. How do you handle a kid gets overly frustrated doing homework?


I make them take a break and come back to it later. Flash cards have also helped by making a game out of it. Help make it seem easier to them. Make up songs or rhymes to help them remember. Praise them and say things like "See!? You knew that! You know more than you think!" Though it can be frustrating for us parents to deal with, whatever you do, do not yell or punish them. It will only make it worse. Always be positive. Let them know you are proud of them for sticking with it, even when it seems so hard.

- Honey Don't Cough Mom, Vicky


I definitely agree, Vicky. Do what you can to lower the frustration level. If necessary, have them take a break, but make sure you frame it right. It shouldn't be a punishment and getting angry only feeds their negativity and makes things more difficult for you. Remain as calm as can be, and you'll notice they pick up on that. "You're getting too frustrated. Why don't we take a little break to calm down and come back to this? I'll set the timer for 5 minutes." Breaks are good for us frustrated parents too!

- Honey Don't Cough Mom, Erin

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I'm a Honey Don't Cough mom because when my family has a cough, Honey Don't Cough relieves it naturally - without the chemicals or side effects.

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