Honey... Don't Cough Story

It Started At Home...

As a married couple with a full work schedule, the Chamberlains - Jeff, a family doctor and Christine, a school teacher - weren't likely entrepreneurs. They had a home to take care of. They had demanding careers. On top of it all, they had two children under three. It would be an understatement to say that life for the Chamberlains could get hectic in a hurry. Yet, those same things that kept them both so busy would become the reason for Honey Don't Cough.

Reports about cold medicines kept popping up in the evening news. When hearing them, Jeff and Christine did what any good teacher, doctor or parent would do - they hit the books!

Both were shocked by what they found.

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The Startling Truth...

The standard cold medicines we all knew had absolutely NO well-founded scientific studies to back their effectiveness! Furthermore, they could cause diarrhea, nausea and upset stomach. Headaches and anxiousness were common side effects. They even found reports of children dying with the recommended dose of these drugs!

The two didn't need any more convincing. Their children wouldn't be taking these cold medicines and at his practice, Jeff began advising that his patients not use them either. In fact, Jeff felt so strongly about the issue, he submitted his findings and recommendations to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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A Victory for Children...

Finally, in October 2007, the FDA's Pediatric Advisory Committee confirmed what the Chamberlains had found. After reviewing all relevant studies, they unanimously decided that over-the-counter antihistamines, decongestants or anti-tussives should not be given to children under two and recommended that they not be given to children under 6 either.

A great victory for sure, but at the end of these talks the inevitable question always came:

"But if I shouldn't give my children these cough medicines, what should I do when they have a bad cough?"

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A Better Way...

Jeff knew there had to be a better, safer way to manage a cough, but wasn't sure of the answer until a colleague approached him one day.

He was excited to tell Jeff about a new Penn State study. It compared conventional children's cough medicines using dextromethorphan with pure, natural buckwheat honey - and buckwheat honey came out on top!

Jeff couldn't believe he hadn't thought of this before; his grandfather, the doctor that inspired him to take up the profession, had prescribed buckwheat honey for his patients' coughing! Now science was confirming what Grandpa Chamberlain had known all along.

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Buckwheat Honey...

The natural properties of buckwheat honey made it a safe and effective choice for a cough. Buckwheat honey had throat-soothing demulcent properties, possessed antioxidant properties that help protect cells and repair cell damage, supported a boost in immune cytokine release, and had direct antimicrobial properties to boot!

Unfortunately, despite all its virtues, buckwheat honey could also be hard for parents to find, expensive when found and could create a real sticky mess. Jeff wanted to make buckwheat honey a simple and affordable choice for parents. Thus, Honey Don't Cough was born.

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Honey Don't Cough...

In HelloLife, Honey Don't Cough found a perfect home.

As a natural health and wellness company, HelloLife LLC was dedicated to providing safe alternatives to conventional health medicines. They offered natural supplements and medicines plus support for a healthy lifestyle with their health-focused support groups, forums, blogs and free "Ask The Health Coach" service. When the idea of a safe, natural cough product was brought to them, there was no hesitation. They were excited to provide people with this alternative.

Through HelloLife, parents everywhere can now feel good about making the safe choice for their family's cough and cold needs - without spending a bundle or making a mess. Designed to fit easily in a pocket or purse with no need for measuring cups, droppers or spoons, Honey Don't Cough's convenient single dose packets provide safe, natural and effective support wherever you need it, without any fuss!

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